My login welcome page

Global Dutchies welkom nieuw lid

So this is the welcome page for new members. You are directed to this page after you have paid your membership with paypal

This is defined in General options > welcome page. Here you can choose which page that should be. It can be every page BUT the homepage, not allowed.

My thought: since you became a member of the community, this should be "your" personal homepage in the buddypress area. For me that would be

But of course this is a dynamically generated page and since its different for all users, you cannot put that as a destination page in
S2member > general options > welcome page.

So I tried to put

but this results in a complete unclear user interface.



Actually, it should be This is where you answer the important questions. Only this link is group related.......... We need the link that sets up the user name and password

Another problem is that we are not able to invite people to a group. Unless it is now so programmed that everybody can see everybody updates????



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